Specializing in Anxiety Treatment, Depression and Couples Therapy

Group Counselling

Mind and body has great potential when worked on together. My 2 hour group sessions consist of 1 hour of therapy in a group setting with 3-4 people where we get the opportunity to talk about what is bothering us. It is followed by a one hour work out where we sweat it out with the guidance of an elite fitness coach. It is designed to create a community feel for people that don't have one!

Couples Counselling

Ranging from pre-marital to marriage counselling I use Emotionally Focused Therapy to get to the root of our behaviors in a relationship. If your partner is cheating on you, or simply doesn't help out around the house, these situations all produce feelings that we sometimes disregard. This approach not only helps clarify what those feelings are but also teaches you how to communicate them to your partner. 

One on one time with me to talk about anything you are struggling with. This can range anywhere from depression and anxiety, to postpartum issues. I loosely use a person centered therapy approach to help you find peace within yourself and get to a place of content.

Individual Counselling

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