After struggling with depression and anxiety for most of my 20's and overcoming it, I decided I needed to share my knowledge with others. I went to Vancouver College of Counsellor Training and received a Diploma in Professional Counselling in 2016. I specialized in Family and Community Counselling. From there I spent a year with the crisis line working with people of all ages, with all different backgrounds, and all different struggles. This led me to deciding that my focus would be on Depression, Anxiety, Relationship conflicts, and pre/post natal issues.  As a mom, a wife, and a woman, I want to take what I've learned to help whoever I can!

About Me

Specializing in Anxiety, Depression/Postpartum Depression, and Couples Therapy

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For any questions you have, you can reach me here:

Sundeep Gill Registered Therapeutic Counsellor


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